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You’ve come to the right place! We’ve put all our experience of working in social media right here in this post so we’re sure you’ll find it helpful.

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But first, we recommend you read this page in full!

Why? Because we want to explain a little bit more about social media management as a career, what we look for, and what you should look for too. We want you to understand what you’re getting yourself into and we want to help you land the job you want, whether it’s with us, or some other, less good social media company.

The qualities of a great candidate

The most important quality of a member of our team is that they’re commercially aware. Social media might sound like playing on Facebook to generate ‘brand awareness’ for a company, but that’s not what our clients are paying us for. Our social media strategies and tactics are employed to generate tangible return on investment.

We also need our team to be resourceful and creative without too much prompting. We try and leave you to your own devices and want to see new ideas to help our clients succeed. If you don’t know how to do something, try and learn how to do it before bugging other people. You’re an intelligent human being.

Lastly, one of the major qualities we need is attention to detail. This includes following processes carefully and making exactly zero errors when it comes to spelling and grammar. If you love spelling and grammar, we’ll love you.


The role of a social media manager

The vast majority of your time will be spent either sitting or standing in front of a computer screen. If you don’t like spending time on a computer, you’re looking for the wrong job! Of course, there are lots of opportunities to attend events, meet clients, have team meetings (with fewer computers) and create video content.

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JC Social Media is a proudly registered Living Wage employer.

Being awesome at social media is just one side of the role. Being able to communicate and build relationships with clients is equally important. Our clients vary wildly in their goals and understanding of social media, meaning you need to be able to effectively articulate your ideas and knowledge to a range of individuals. It’s no good us being amazing at the work if we don’t communicate all those benefits to the client, or if our relationship isn’t working, so getting along with clients and speaking to them regularly is a key part of the job.

We bloomin’ love processes. But we don’t have processes in place so we can all be drones. We have processes so the logistics of running lots of social media accounts don’t get in the way of creating amazing, engaging content. We’ve built our own tools for making proposals, auditing and reporting as well as having a host of tools at our disposal to make distributing content as efficient as possible.

Experience and qualifications required

At JC Social Media, we don’t actually require you to have any experience working in social media; just the right attitude and interest in the art. However, experience in social media or general marketing may well come in handy and the less training you require to get you up to speed, the better, in some circumstances.

Preferred experience:

  • Holds a bachelors degree in something relevant
  • Achieved a 2.1 or above
  • Done some traveling
  • Held customer service roles
  • Completed internships at social media or marketing companies

None of the above is essential. If you don’t have the above but can show us why you’re the right person for the role, we’ll listen. Having worked for years at another social media company is great, but we have our own processes and philosophy, so it doesn’t always mean it’s better!

Careers in social media - JC Social Media's office

Training for new team members

We pride ourselves on having extensive training available for our team members. The company is home to some of the UK’s most experienced social media experts, including David, who holds multiple sessions with new arrivals so they’re trained up and proficient in social media marketing.

There’s also a recommended reading list to help deepen your knowledge and you’ll have access to all of our online courses and webinars in the JC Academy. In total, there is a huge amount of information to help you on your way!

Our team members are proactive about their learning. When they encounter something new, they’ll take it upon themselves to do some research and ask for help. The team is there to support each other. Team members often decide to specialise in certain areas and we’ll encourage you on that path. Members of the team have moved into ads management, search engine marketing and web development and their roles have progressed towards these areas.

Working at JC Social Media

We’re a team of self-professed geeks! We love analysing stats, A/B testing, and correcting grammar mistakes on Twitter. The culture is one of collaboration and support. We’re a fairly flat organisation and team members often join up to work together on projects.

Here’s what our team members say about the culture:

JC Social Media is genuinely friendly. The whole team is really approachable, happy to ask questions, and enthusiastic about getting the best possible results. We’re always encouraged to work as a team with our clients – and with one another; this ethos of teamwork really helps to keep work calm and productive, because it’s always the team against a problem.

JC Social Media offers a tremendous range of opportunities for someone eager and keen to develop digital marketing skills. We solve business problems with creativity, and smart people! What makes our team special is how we work together and collaborate, towards one goal.

JC Social Media provides flexibility through working hours, opportunities and freedom to take upon a new skill and to share it with the team. All voices are heard in one big family environment, as we are united by passion to make a difference with the vast variety of clients that we work with.

Other elements of working at JC include:

  • A Monday morning whole-team meeting, to learn and discuss client work
  • Wednesday and Friday morning team huddles
  • Working from home, or even from a different country!
  • Fortnightly Graze boxes with snacks for every team member to enjoy
  • 28 days holiday, including bank holidays
  • The option to work bank holidays, if you prefer
  • An additional day of holiday on your birthday
  • Additional training and development books, courses and opportunities
  • Flexible working hours
  • Team meals, drinks and trips, pandemic-permitting!
  • Company wide pension scheme
  • Company wide salary reviews twice per year
  • Committed National Living Wage employer
  • …and more, in our workplace wellbeing policy

Applying for a role in social media

Your CV, alone, is highly unlikely to ever land you a job in social media management. Your CV needs to get you through the initial round of vetting so one of your main challenges is avoiding major holes in your timeline and anything that may signal social media is not actually your first choice career.

As we mentioned above, the key traits we look for are commercial awareness, creativity, resourcefulness, and attention to detail. If you have a degree, we favour those with a creative writing element to them, such as journalism or English literature/language, or a more business and marketing focus. 

Providing your CV has kept you in the running, your covering letter is what really sets you apart. It’s easy to spot a stock letter that has been topped-and-tailed and mailed to 30+ employers and that’s not a great look. We get a lot of applications, yours has to stand out. We strongly recommend finding the three or four companies you really want to work for and create highly-tailored copy for each one.

We’re looking for someone who’s gone the extra mile to demonstrate their interest in social media management as a career and why us, specifically. The details of your dissertation and gap year have only limited relevance to this matter (unless you wrote it on social media and/or visited Facebook HQ in your year out).

We’re looking for genuinely interested and motivated individuals who are committed and who are likely to fit into our team and adopt our ethos.

We don’t hold typical Q&A, competency-based interviews. For us, it’s simply not enough to judge how well you’ll work with us and for you to know if social media is what works for you. We’re mainly concerned about hiring people with a great attitude who can get on with tasks when put on the spot.

Yes, we will ask questions but, again, we’re not looking for rehearsed, stock answers and we want to see you’re prepared and able to articulate yourself on a topic you may not be expecting. We’ll also put you to work on actual social media stuff to see how you get on with following instructions, asking questions and using your initiative.

If you don’t think a social media company will hunt you down on every single social network to dig up anything of note, then you are painfully wrong. Yes, it may have only been that one time and, yes, you might have been totally wasted, but we’ll pass.

If your privacy settings are not set up correctly, it’s an issue. Be smart about what you share on social media and do not underestimate the extent to which we (and, increasingly, any employer) will go to find you. You cannot hide from us.

If you have a blog or website, make sure we can find it. We love to read your thoughts and opinions and see how you write.

Should I apply?

We’re a very laid-back, non-judgemental bunch. If you think you might want to work with us, register your interest here. You can also register if you’d like to hear about work experience opportunities in social media. Occasionally we have opportunities from other companies hiring social media managers, but we’ll never pass on your details.

If you have any questions, send them over. If you’d like to know a bit more about the existing team and the kind of services we offer, visit the about page.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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