Our CSR policy

JC Social Media is committed to making a positive impact to the local community and wider society through ethical business practices and proactive initiatives which make a difference to people’s lives. We believe that our business should prosper to the benefit of society rather than to its detriment and have set out the below policy to assist that goal. 



We get involved in:

  • Helping other startup entrepreneurs in the city (through Female Entrepreneurs of Birmingham, Hot 500 Club, Enterprise Nation and various other startup events).

  • Instilling virtuous practices in other business by leading by example, promoting strong business ethics and supporting the Clever Tykes initiative.

  • Creating a vibrant business hub within Birmingham and one that is attractive to graduates and entrepreneurs through our close work with universities, the Silicon Canal network and BNI Sunrise.

  • Supporting local causes and charities such as Midlands Air Ambulance, Macmillan Cancer Support, and Free at Last.


Business relationships

We believe in building strong, long-term relationships with our clients, collaborators and suppliers. We also act to ensure our suppliers are ethical in their business practices and do not support companies which do not share our values.

JC Social Media abides by the Human Rights Principles as outlined by the UN. This applies to every individual the company comes into contact with directly or impacts upon through our practices.

Clever TykesCho circle

Clever Tykes is a project started by JC Social Media founder, Jodie Cook, and her husband, Ben. Clever Tykes aims to inspire children to become more enterprising through storybooks. For several years, profit from JC Social Media was used to fund the development of Clever Tykes and the growth of the impact.

As of 2017, we’re delighted to say that Clever Tykes has secured a deal to place a set of books into every primary school in the UK and is now self-sufficient and sustainable as a business itself. We’re proud to say that without JC Social Media’s help, Clever Tykes would not have the impact it has today.


JC Social Media is a paperless office and we certainly don’t own a printer. As a young web-based company, if we can’t go paperless, no one can!

Our office is committed to recycling all of our waste wherever possible. We are working to create a zero carbon footprint by offsetting our energy usage through reducing our energy output and supporting carbon negative initiatives.

JC Social Media always seeks to adopt the principles of sustainable development. We give a high priority to the use of materials, products, processes and services that seek to reduce environmental damage and waste and to optimise the use of resources. We operate a paperless office and have no printers or photocopiers on site.


In particular, throughout our business and in all our activities, we will:

  • Consider the efficient use of energy, water and materials, the sustainable use of renewable resources and the reduction of adverse environmental impacts.

  • Search for, propose and, wherever reasonably practical, adopt low-polluting technologies, processes and practices, employing environmentally sound waste management techniques such as source reduction and improved specification, re-use, recycling and safe disposal.

  • Ensure that we comply with all national and local environmental regulations, working closely and positively with the appropriate regulatory agencies, interest groups and others concerned with business in the environment.

  • Regularly measure key aspects of our environmental performance and periodically report progress.

  • Promote environmental awareness among all our staff and encourage their involvement and suggestions.

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