Generating brand awareness is as important as ever but more challenging than ever. Traditional media channels are struggling to provide the reach businesses need to influence their target audience. This means that traditional PR activities must be supplemented or even led by social media and other digital PR activity.


Local and national publications are increasingly sourcing their information, stories and expert insight through online means. Furthermore, what really gives coverage is commercial value is how well it is amplified. For the vast majority of businesses, social media represents the best value way to amplify media coverage and maximise commercial value through web traffic and lead-generation.

We’ve delivered social and digitally-led PR and publicity campaigns for a range of companies including major national and global event, brand and product launches and more general publicity spikes for brands looking to increase awareness and sales.


Digital PR activity:

  • Monitoring of related online trends
  • Responding to press outreach via email or social media circulation
  • Regional press coverage where relevant
  • Social amplification of coverage achieved
  • Integration with influencer marketing and social outreach
  • Campaign structure and duration to suit you
  • Integration with traditional PR experts when suitable


To find out more about the power of social media and digital PR, we’d love to know more about you and your brand.

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