Facebook Ads Management Agency

Facebook advertising has become a key driver of growth for many brands. The platform’s vast, diverse and engaged userbase combined with its unparalleled ad targeting makes it a potent tool to achieve a range of goals.

JC Social Media is experienced with Facebook’s ads platform. Our sophisticated approach to campaigns works to give you positive return on investment and we have suceeded where others have failed.

Find out more about our Facebook and Instagram ads management below.

We help businesses appear prominently in their audience’s Facebook feeds. We work from the ground up to create compelling ad creative and campaigns, perfectly targeted to achieve your goals.

Everything we do is bespoke and we will work closely with you to determine your needs and deliver exactly the service and support required. Let’s start making Facebook ads work for you.

Whether you’re new to Facebook ads or need a more expert approach, we’ll help achieve your goals.

Facebook ads can be successful for a wide range of businesses and it’s not just all about brand awarenes. For consumer goods and e-commerce, Facebook and Instagram can drive high-quality traffic to your site and generate sales. For service businesses, Facebook represents a potentially powerful lead funnel.

Facebook ads management

  • We’ll optimise your Facebook profile or set it up from scratch, if needed
  • Carry out comprehensive campaign design and structuring
  • Run ongoing performance analyses with new advert creative and keyword targeting as necessary
  • Apply intelligent audience targeting to a range of campaign types
  • Use of advanced features
  • Advise on larger, more complex projects
  • Deliver monthly reporting on performance and strategy

One-off ads consultancy

  • Perfect if you’re looking for in-house management and total control of your Facebook ads manageement
  • We provide end-to-end analysis of your Facebook account and campaigns
  • Appraisal or design of the landing page experience and user journey
  • Analysis of scope and opportunities with Facebook ads
  • Strategic targeting and campaign design to maximise ROI
  • Future testing and campaign actions roadmap
  • Troubleshooting, resource and tool signposting

The marketing funnel and Facebook

We’ll give your business a sophisticated Facebook ad funnel, applying our specialist knowledge and experience of running thousands of campaigns:

  • Campaigns targeted to individuals at all stages of the funnel for maximum impact
  • Strategic combination of campaign types to move users along the funnel
  • Bespoke graphics and copy to achieve goals from brand awareness, brand engagement and sales and leads

Examples of our work:

Online purchases
We run Facebook ads for a range of e-commernce brands to generate online sales. Current cost-per-purchase is under £10, excluding untrackable sales. Optimal results are achieved within one to three months of starting.
App sign-ups
The team uses Facebook ads to deliver app sign-ups at <£5 per user for an “uber-for” application. Facebook is perfect for reaching audiences to encourage sign-ups to or downloads of low-cost or free applications or resources.
Brand awareness
Facebook is a seriously powerful brand awareness tool for virtually any business. The platform enables cost-effective methods of reaching your audience with compelling messages.

JC Social Media also provides Facebook ads training to business. Our Facebook trainer receives first-hand information from Facebook about the platform and has worked with hundreds of business.

We’re proud to say that we actually train other marketing agencies in Facebook ads management; testament to our specialist knowledge and expertise in the field. Our Facebook ads course is also CPD accredited.

Find out more and book a private Facebook ads training session by clicking on the “Facebook ads” image.

The value of Facebook ads for business:

Facebook and Instagram ads can be leveraged for a range of purposes and there are many direct and indirect benefits for your organisation. Here are just some to consider:


  • Huge brand reach potential
  • Facebook has infamously choked the organic reach of business pages, forcing them into paid advertising. However, well-targeted brand awareness campaigns can secure excellent value reach and impression metrics for your content on Facebook and Instagram. With Facebook, it’s possible to get your brand in front of virtually every member of your target audience given sufficient time.


  • Build an authoritative page
  • Facebook like campaigns can be utilised to significantly grow the number of fans your Facebook page has. This has a meaningful impact on your online presence seeing as your page looks more influential and your future content is likely to be seen by more people. The algorithmic impact of better engagement will have many benefits.


  • Increased activity elsewhere online
  • Our clients experience many indirect benefits of paid Facebook activity. In fact, some clients report a noticable increase in Google searches for their brand, specifically, when Facebook ads are running. Combining paid social media marketing with other PR or lead-generation efforts has a compounding effect.


  • Trackale ROI on sales and leads
  • Website tracking enables us to keep track of where your customers have come from and how much your ad campaigns are contributing. Digital marketing like this and Google ads are some of the most accurately attributable endeavours your business can undertake.


  • Inform all of your marketing efforts
  • The vast data we collect on various audiences and adverts images, copy and calls to action provide your business with valuable insight. The learnings from your Facebook and Instagram campaigns can help inform other marketing approaches and can influence your brand’s messaging and even your product or service offering.

    Trusted Facebook ads services


    JC Social Media has developed a serious Facebook ads funnel for our company. We had used two firms before JC that gained some but not meaningful succcess in terms of return on our total media and management spend. JC’s approach was far more advanced and bespoke to our brand and audience and that made a real difference over time.

    ~ Jerry, Enigma Media Limited


    Joe at JC Social Media has helped generate hundreds of sales for our parks through social media and Google PPC. We’re significantly ROI positive, probably in the region of 4 to 5 times – exactly what you need as a business trying to scale. Thank you!

    ~ Daniel, marketing director of a group of activity parks


    Wow I thought I knew everything there was to know about Facebook! and then we had David come along and provide BodyShell with some training! A credit to JC Social Media and Facebook!

    ~ BodyShell, training client


    Absolutely fantastic. David came to us to give a 4-hour training session on how we can make our Facebook ads more effective and productive. We were absolutely delighted with the training. We cannot recommend him (and JC Social Media) enough. Well worth the investment.

    ~ Training client