Welcome to our glossary of social media tools, apps and websites. If you’ve found this page, you’ve likely attended one of our training sessions which was full of hints and tips for effective social media management. We mention lots of helpful tools so we decided to make a list of them here for reference.


Scheduling apps


Social media scheduling tool where individuals and brands can create content for multiple platforms across the week. Approval processes are available if content needs to be signed off by a second person.


Creator Studio

Facebook’s own in-house content scheduling platform. Free to use, and using your existing Facebook logins, this tool allows you to plan and schedule content for Facebook and Instagram, as well as reply to comments and messages.




Analyse the audiences of Twitter profiles, compare accounts and search Twitter bios with this handy tool.



This tool allows you to analyse the content produced by Twitter profiles, and understand what their best performing posts have been.



A social media insights and analytics company, Socialbakers regularly releases performance reports that are segmented by country and by industry. Use this to gain an understanding of how other brands in your sector are performing, and set benchmark targets for your own performance.



A simple-to-use screenshot reporting tool, Flaunt helps you to create detailed evidence-based reports on a monthly basis. Using a web browser extension makes it simple to screengrab charts and content throughout the month, before compiling these to create a formatted report that can be sent straight to stakeholders.

Content ideas

Awareness Days

This reference site is a breakdown of all of the awareness days, weeks and months that take place each year, both in the UK and internationally. Use it to identify days relevant to your business and find new conversations to engage with.


Social Media Today

One of the leading news sites for all things social media, this resource will keep you updated on the latest tools, features and insights. Make use of this information to stay ahead of your competitors when it comes to creating and sharing new types of content.


She Means Business

A campaign created by Facebook that provides support for women in business. She Means Business brings together case studies, meet-ups and training events across the UK to help people share ideas and grow their Facebook presence. Our head of training David has proudly been one of the accredited trainers since the campaign began in 2017.


Image creation


Free photo-editing app for Android, iPhone and iPad. Includes a large number of pre-sets plus individual settings for light, saturation, composition, etc.



Animation app that allows you to create engaging Stories content with multiple images of any orientation. Also allows you to overlay your visuals with animated text.


GoPro App

Previously known as Quik, the new GoPro app includes all the same features to help you create engaging video content from short clips or stills. Music, image transitions and text captions can all be added to create short engaging videos.



Widely used and highly regarded, Canva is a visual asset creation tool that allows you to put together text and image graphics with ease. Templates can be saved to help create consistency with posts, and the tool is available as both a desktop site and a mobile app.


Engaging with your audience


Well-known as a tool for compiling email lists and sending marketing messages en masse, Mailchimp also features a number of different tools and solutions to help you segment your audience, set up automated marketing funnels, and engage with different groups in a way that suits their specific needs.



Webinars have become a key part of engagement strategies for many businesses, and Demio makes it easy to create and manage your programme of sessions. The platform allows you to customise registration pages, upload and share handouts and resources during sessions, and make recordings available to attendees post-event.