Digital marketing should be great fun and great value. However, it can all seem a little bit overwhelming with the myriad of platforms available to you and the scope of activities possible on each one. Most people have difficulty knowing exactly where to start, what will make the most impact and how to put their strategy into action. That’s why JC Social Media’s very own Ben and Jodie Cook decided to pen the 50 Great Ideas series, mapping out and explaining the 50 most effective ideas and tactics on the main social media platforms. Here they are.


The 50 Great Ideas Series


We decided to focus on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn because they’re almost universally important for modern businesses. The series aims to help marketers of all levels of experience identify the tactics their business should employ to make the most out of social media marketing and lead-generation. There is a lot of information out there on the web – much of it is outdated, inaccurate or is written with an agenda – to sell you something. We decided to put the top 50 ideas into one place, giving you piece of mind about which one are actually legitimate, which are the most effective and which are the easiest to implement. It’s with years of experience in our social media company that means we’re able to put these tried and tested methods into easy-to-digest books for you. Enjoy!

50 Great Ideas for FacebookBook about Facebook for business

The first book in the series tackles the mother of social media platforms, Facebook. Facebook still leads in the way in terms of user numbers and usage by marketers and rightly so. The 50 great ideas take us from fundamentals of Facebook strategy and profile optimisation, right through to content ideas and how to use advanced Facebook ads targeting.

Paid-for Facebook marketing is the perfect way of getting in front of your target audience but only if you know how to target them effectively. If you don’t you can end up with measly organic reach or wasting a lot of cash.

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Here’s our free, downloadable, printable 50 Great Ideas: Facebook for Business checklist.

50 Great Ideas for LinkedInBook about LinkedIn ideas

LinkedIn is often wrongly discarded by marketers. It can be seen as a just tool for HR professionals or those on the hunt for a job (or to show off their CV!). Whilst it can be used like this, LinkedIn is a great marketing and lead-generation tool. In fact for most businesses, and virtually all B2B businesses, it should be a regular source of qualified leads.

Whether you’re an individual or company owner, LinkedIn should be both a thriving content platform to showcase your expertise and services as well as an arena to identify and engage with prospects. The 50 Great Ideas book covers all the basics of creating a profile to be proud of before outlining some seriously useful lead-generation tactics that will help you find and interact with decision makers.

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Here’s our free, downloadable, printable 50 Great Ideas: LinkedIn for Business checklist.

Book about ideas for Twitter for business50 Great Ideas for Twitter

Twitter is a brilliant platform for a range of businesses yet very few marketers utilise all of its potential. The fact that Twitter is a public forum and that businesses can go out there and find their target audience gives it a unique edge as a marketing tool. This book focusses on generating tangible results through a wide range of tactics including content ideas and advanced search and interaction techniques. Don’t overlook Twitter as a fad or something that’s too complicated and fast-paced to use – this book will show you how valuable it really is.

Pinpointing users who are not only in your business’s target audience, but are actually signalling they are in the market to buy, is just one of the great tactics explored. Understanding the use of hashtags, retweeting and ‘likes’ and how they can benefit your business are other popular areas discussed.

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Book with SEO ideas50 Great Ideas: Easy SEO for business

Okay, not strictly social media, but social media has an increasingly important role to play. Search engine optimisation cannot be ignored by businesses in the 21st century and having a high ranking site for relevant search terms can be of major benefit. Unfortunately, SEO can be confusing, challenging and costly if done incorrectly.

We’ve broken down this potential minefield into 50 actionable ideas that anyone can implement. We also reduce the ‘black box’ element of SEO by explaining exactly how and why each tactic works.

This book really is a must-read for budding digital marketers who aren’t familiar with on page and link-building SEO tactics.

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