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Hey there! Well done for making your way to some of our most prized free content – our LinkedIn cheat sheet. For individuals and businesses, alike (especially B2B businesses!), LinkedIn is a super powerful social network.


LinkedIn cheat sheet!LinkedIn cheat sheet from JC Social Media

Download our FREE LinkedIn cheat sheet (which we’ve affectionately entitled ‘the LinkedIn guide for people who don’t have time to use LinkedIn!’) to make sure:

a) your profile is perfect and

b) your actions are optimised for lead generation.




Need more than a LinkedIn cheat sheet?


We’ve got heaps more resources for you to make sure LinkedIn works for you.


Firstly, here’s one of our most popular posts explaining why people might not be so receptive to your LinkedIn connection requests and what to do about it. Alternatively, for more in-depth reading, founder Jodie Cook’s book #Winning at Social Media explains how to use LinkedIn and Twitter to tangibly grow your network and generate sales and leads.


If you’re still scratching your head but know there is business to be done on LinkedIn, speak to our head of training services, David, about LinkedIn training or simply enquire using the sidebar!



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