LinkedIn is a powerful social network. Over 50% of the UK’s working population now has an account and that number is on this rise. This means that if you can benefit from working with professionals and businesspeople, LinkedIn can open up a world of opportunity.

When used correctly, LinkedIn helps to build your brand, make the right connections and can become a lead-generation machine.


If you’re still using LinkedIn as a digital directory of your contacts, you’re missing out on opportunities. Here’s what makes LinkedIn so useful and why you and your business will benefit from expert LinkedIn training.


As of 2016, over 58% of the UK’s working population has a LinkedIn account.

LinkedIn for business – what’s important?

With over 500million users worldwide as of 2017, a number that continues to grow, there are several uses for the business owner, marketer, and networker. LinkedIn training is now one of our most popular services from our range of training services, helping businesses to:

  • Optimise their personal profile
  • Create a LinkedIn company page
  • Build the personal or business brand
  • Advertise products and services
  • Generate sales and leads
  • Increase their valuable professional networks

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Build your brand. Generate sales and leads.

It’s clear how B2B business can benefit from LinkedIn management and lead-generation but B2C companies also use the platform to build their network, find potential stockists or collaborators and build a reputation in their local area and amongst PR professionals.


LinkedIn lead-generation forms a large element of many of our social media management campaigns so we know just how effective it can be in creating business opportunities.


LinkedIn serves numerous purposes for the professional and the business owner and can be the source of great success. LinkedIn is:

  • your online CV

  • your contacts book

  • a digital marketing platform

  • a platform to find, communicate with and influence your target audience


We believe everyone should be proud of their LinkedIn profile and utilising it proactively. That’s why all of our LinkedIn training encompasses profile optimisation as well as active outreach to generate tangible outcomes.

LinkedIn training services

LinkedIn trainingHere is a little more information on the training we can provide you.


Bespoke LinkedIn training

All of our social media training is personalised to your business needs. This enables us to address the specific nature and goals of the business as well as your current level of proficiency on the platform.

If required, we will run training sessions for delegates with different competencies in the platform to get the most out of their session. A half day is usually the best option to cover the basics of platform functionality, profile optimisation, the use of groups and search functions. We can then explore more advanced lead generation techniques with plenty of time to spend on individual cases and queries.

We will have prepared everything in advance of the session and even checked out the talent in the room to see where we need to focus!


One-to-one or group seminars

We can deliver sessions on a one-to-one basis or to a group of delegates from your company. It may be the responsibility of you or a single individual to maintain the LinkedIn presence of the brand or carry out the lead-generation activities.

One-to-one sessions are perfect for entrepreneurs, the owner or manager of the business, the marketing director or executive or the sales director.


Group sessions are perfect if several members of an organisation would benefit from a thriving presence on LinkedIn or, at least, having the basics covered and be representing the brand professionally. For delegations exceeding 15 people, we recommend splitting them into smaller session groups so everyone has the chance to ask questions if they’re not sure about something.

There is great flexibility around our LinkedIn training due to their bespoke nature so don’t hesitate to get in touch here or call the office on 0121 631 1838 and ask for our head of training services, David!


My training session with JC Social Media was relaxed, fun and informative. I was especially impressed with the research that they had done prior to our meeting, to ensure that I got the most out of our session and how best to use social media to suit my own business.  It was so refreshing to come away with a simplified, workable process of which I am already seeing the benefits!

– Pam Collins – Utliity Warehouse


For the time being, check out this LinkedIn cheat sheet and our top 5 LinkedIn tips or read more about our national social media training services.