Could you be the next addition to our team?

We’re looking for a spectacular media manager whose focus is designing, producing and running awesome social media ad campaigns.

We represent clients across a wide range of industries and we manage media budgets on their behalf. It’s up to us to come up with campaigns that will really stand out and achieve the metrics that mean ROI. We’re not necessarily looking for someone with heaps of ads experience, but we are looking for someone who:

  • Loves numbers
  • Is naturally analytical
  • Makes a cracking spreadsheet

We’re looking for someone who’s intrigued by the psychology of ads. You’ll need to love defining demographics and working out how to engage people with your creations. The role requires creative flair and a commitment to making amazing ads with strong visuals and awesome copy, whilst being supported by a team of writers and graphic designers.

We are looking for a useful person. Someone who sees solutions rather than problems, someone who will say “yes, sure” rather than “not me”. Someone who wants to look forward to going to work every day and excelling in their role.

Someone who is excited, not daunted, by a huge spreadsheet. Who can run percentage change calculations, work out the cost per lead and make improvements that keep our clients’ budgets going further. Attention to detail is a must, so if you correct the grammar of your mates and tut at misplaced apostrophes then you will fit in well here.

If you’ve got the drive to learn and the grit to commit, we’ll take you on a timeline of learning to get you ready for managing accounts solo.

We are looking for someone who hears of a challenge and cannot wait to get stuck in, who knows when to ask for help and when to get on with it, who loves the thrill of winning and achieving, not the thrill of pointless drama. We are looking for someone who loves to learn and will take information and turn it into action.

We are looking for a passion in numbers, analysing, creatively thinking, interpreting, suggesting new ways of approaching situations. Someone who is confident, proactive, smart in a savvy way, and a “doer”.


Your role will include:

  • Running advertising campaigns on social media platforms.
  • Building on your existing knowledge to become a fully-fledged Facebook and Google Ads expert.
  • Researching, writing, producing and maintaining Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn ads in order to increase brand exposure and drive sales for our clients in their target markets.
  • Researching best practice and new ideas and designing tests from which to glean further data.
  • Working with our graphic designers to create fun and engaging social ads and content.
  • Having the commercial success of our clients at the forefront of every action we undertake on their behalf and being able to communicate this clearly.
  • Meeting clients to talk through strategy and actions, and speaking to them regularly about progress and results.
  • Representing JC Social Media well at all times.


Essential skills:

  • Experience of running social media campaigns for commercial entities
  • Impeccable written English skills (Minimum GCSE English B or above, preferably A Level English)
  • Eloquent telephone and video call manner


Progression at JCSM: Nearly every member of the team started as a social media or media manager. That includes the team leaders, trainers, and area specialists. If you have the drive to progress, along with the exceptional work to match it, we will support you in doing so.

Location of role: Largely remote, but the team is based around the midlands.


To apply:

All our roles are advertised on Indeed – you can check vacancies here, If none are listed please join our vacancies list on our careers page and you will be emailed as soon as roles are available.

We receive hundreds of applications for each role, but we’re looking for the ones that stand out and fill us with confidence! CVs received from recruiters will be treated as generous gifts.

For more information on our careers opportunities and how we operate please see our careers page or read our workplace wellbeing policy.