JC Social Media is committed to creating a relaxed, fun and creative environment for its team of social media managers. We’re confident that in creating this environment, our team delivers the best possible service and results for our clients. As a company, we hold a simple set of core values and believe in forging great relationships both within the company and with our clients. Here’s what we do and why we do it.

What we do (in a nutshell)

We get to know our clients inside out. We give their organisation a voice and a personality on social media platforms that reflects that of their vision, brand and literature, and use these to engage with their potential customers and collaborators and to add value to the individuals in their network.

How we do it

We understand that content, interaction and strategy are three distinct areas that must both be maximised and run alongside each other, to benefit the social media contracts we undertake.

We create clever, interesting and value-adding content in the form of tweets, blogs, Facebook posts, infographics and articles that are each carefully written to capture and hold the interest of our client’s target market and demonstrate our client in the best possible light.

We gather information on exactly who our clients want to meet, get to know or sell to, and we research both online and offline to find these people and create online relationships with them by initiating discourse, making them smile and providing them with useful information and links which add value to them. We do this for both B2B and B2C companies and adopt different strategies for each. We approach each client’s contract in a strategic way and focus on getting results and a return on our clients’ investment.

What it means when we do it well

When we do it well our work leads to a positive return on investment for our client, in the form of increased sales and introductions, and relationships created which lead to sales. It also assists in brand awareness and allows more of our client’s target market to find out about them and their products or services. Acting as a customer service function for our clients allows us to respond to queries and complaints efficiently and effectively and improve their customer satisfaction.

Our work complements that of PR, marketing, telesales or web teams that our clients may also be working with.

Why we do things a certain way

We undertake our client’s work in line with a bespoke social media strategy that we have created beforehand for that client. This incorporates their goals for the work we will do, and ties in perfectly with their existing company goals, so that they complement and assist each other. We then align all actions to this plan and use the measurements we have agreed to assess the success of the work. We also manage expectations from an early stage so that the client knows what kind of response they can expect and in what time frame.

Quality Management

Everyone in the JC Social Media team familiarises themselves with the company manual and adheres to its guidelines. The JC resources manual defines:

  • Organisation structure
  • Recording of information
  • Responsibilities of employees
  • Lines of communication throughout the company
  • What actions are required
  • How continuity is maintained as staff change
  • Who our customers are


Management of documentation
We communicate to staff the importance of keeping records and using the correct documentation, together with a system for version control.

Corrective and preventive measures
We have a defined process for fixing problems and identifying where something went wrong, before making changes to prevent it from happening again.

On-going support and training
Staff are suitably trained to ensure they can carry out their job function. We keep records of experience, education and training to identify their capabilities and training needs.

Regular internal quality auditing
We regularly audit our internal work, check that procedures in the manual are being followed and identify any areas of concern to be rectified.

So far so good

Having been founded in 2011, JC Social Media has worked with around 500 clients in both management, training, and auditing capacities. We have a host of glowing Google reviews and we believe this is down to our philosophy of work and business ethics which, in turn, enables us to deliver great results for our clients.