Awareness campaigns

Charity and awareness campaigns

Social media provides the perfect arena in which to drum up awareness for events, charities and other organisations. Generating awareness for any cause requires a strategy for each of the potential stakeholders. Awareness is one thing, but sometimes it is the means, not the end. Converting awareness and interest into participation or donations requires more advanced techniques and that’s where we come in!

Here’s a selection of different awareness campaigns JC Social Media has worked on.

Social media for the NHS

NHS Local

NHS Local was an NHS brand designed to signpost and promote services across the Midlands. The campaign spearheaded the NHS’s drive to become a more digitally savvy and forward-thinking organisation.

We were tasked with elevating awareness of the brand and educating the local audience. We also used social media for crucial research projects by collecting data from patients that would ultimately shape the offering provided.

Approach taken
  • Content strategy to grow fans and following
  • Signposting resources and collaborative accounts
  • Directing users to the website for various information
  • Data collection campaigns


  • Gained retweets and mentions by relevant influencers including Dr Christian Jessen
  • Tripled the Twitter following to over 5000 within year one
  • Collected valuable patient data
  • Increased web traffic
Scottish Police Federation awareness campaign

Video campaign

The Scottish Police Federation (SPF) are an organisation which represents the interests of police in Scotland. They aim to ensure fairness for all their members, and are extremely committed to what they do.

The SPF made a series of 3 short films aiming to provide a true reflection of a police officer’s job. They required support ensuring the hard-hitting films were seen by everyone in Scotland to achieve the maximum impact.

Approach taken
  • Collaborator focus to maximise exposure including Facebook and Twitter outreach
  • Targeted LinkedIn campaign
  • Building relationships with high-profile individuals and organisations


  • Films viewed over 800k times via social media
  • Shared by MPs, charities and other police federations
  • Policing stayed high on government agenda
  • Cinema release of films
Social media for heart health charity

Fundraising campaign support

Heart Research UK are one of the country’s leading heart heath charities. Their aim is to raise awareness of heart-related illnesses and raise funds for research and those suffering the worst heart conditions.

Their campaign ‘sign for your heart’ required specialist social media assistance to maximise the exposure and participation.

Approach taken
  • Identifying buskers and other musicians over Twitter
  • Starting conversations with potential participants and sending them details
  • Generating Facebook and Twitter awareness through carefully crafted content strategy


  • Over 100 musicians and singers recruited
  • Hugely successful campaign raising thousands of pounds and widespread awareness
  • Various press coverage secured and supported
  • Doubled the reach and impressions of social media accounts

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