Combined campaigns

Integrated social media campaigns

Many of our clients have multiple target audiences and B2C and B2B sides to their business. We work with various clients on reaching goals across a wide number of metrics, including lead-generation, web traffic, web conversion and social media engagement.

We develop a thorough understanding of our clients’ companies and needs in order to craft successful multi-faceted campaigns

Social enterprise macaroon brand

A successful and well-known French macaroon CIC required social media support in generating engagement, web sales, and B2B leads. With a high street store, webshop, and events, several tactics were required to achieve these goals for the brand.

Our combined approach saw us fulfilling KPIs in engagement, lead numbers, and web conversion rates. Here are the highlights:

Approach taken

  • Twitter and Facebook content and interaction including polls, competitions and promoted posts
  • Instagram content and interaction
  • LinkedIn lead-generation
  • Event support
  • Website conversion optimisation


  • Increased percentage of website traffic that came directly from social media to 13%
  • 5% purchase conversion rate from social media website traffic
  • Significant social media engagement increase
  • Acquisition of qualified B2B leads from LinkedIn, average of 20 per month
Hera London's e-commerce shop design. Perfect to begin marketing through social media.

E-commerce web development agency

JC Social Media was selected to deliver an integrated social media and PR campaign to increase the awareness of a successful Shopify website development agency, based in Birmingham. Besides generating brand awareness, they also required tangible ROI by way of increasing their app downloads and enquiries for their services.


Approach taken

  • Full social media strategy creation
  • Social content and brand optimisation
  • Delivery of a range of promoted posts and ads
  • Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram lead-generation
  • Local and national PR support


  • Creation of consistent brand across also social media
  • Growth of Facebook and Twitter profiles by 20% month on month
  • Low cost per click on Facebook ads through vigorous testing
  • Local and national press coverage achieved

Warehouse management software

Warehouse and logistics software might not immediately sound like something that can be marketed over social media. That’s why a multifaceted digital marketing campaign was required to maximise the quality and quantity of the leads generated.

For this business, the value of each lead is huge, so our work involved focusing on a very specific target audience.


Approach taken

  • The set up and optimisation of a landing page and Google AdWords campaign
  • Tested multiple social media channels for effectiveness
  • Blog writing for social content and search engine visibility
  • Analysed performance of website for conversion


  • 2-3 qualified leads generated through AdWords each month, in a very competitive space
  • Over 20% of web traffic directed from social media channels
  • Traffic from social media increased by over 500%
  • Significant increase in enquiries through mutliple channels

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