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Social media for consumer products

Consumer goods businesses seem like obvious candidates for social media marketing. Whilst this is true, many companies struggle to utilise mainstream platforms to achieve growth in sales.

Both B2C and B2B sides of consumer product businesses can thrive over social media with the right tactics in place. Here are a selection of consumer product accounts we’ve worked on.

Social media for jewellers


Jewellers can see great return on investment from social media management, particularly when selling high ticket value items. The visual nature of the sector makes social media the perfect place to generate awareness of the brand and its products as well as directing traffic to the company website to buy.

Team JC has worked with numerous jewellery accounts, including some in Birmingham’s famous Jewellery Quarter – here’s an example from a family silversmiths.


Approach taken

  • Created visually appealing social media profiles and content
  • Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn lead-generation tactics employed
  • Seasonal offers promoted


  • Tracked sales using Google Analytics
  • more than trebled social following and reach across all platforms
  • Social media now accounts for 25% of all web traffic
Social media for e-commerce

Licensed products

E-commerce goods that are visually appealing and have a clear target audience create strong opportunities for social media marketing. JC Social Media helped launch a range of licensed products for a company entering an incredibly competitive market place. The company had licensed the brand of a nationally famous girl pop band and launched a range of headphones.


Approach taken

  • Twitter searches and interaction with fans
  • Engagement with Twitter accounts linked to the band
  • Targeted Facebook promotions
  • Appealing to a very specific target audience


  • Huge numbers of engagements over Twitter
  • Tracked sales of high-value products using
  • Generated thousands of clicks to the website’s product pages
  • Celebrity interaction
Social media for beauty brand

Beauty products

Team JC has worked with two fledgling beauty and cosmetic brands – both launching their e-commerce businesses in the UK. Successful social media management is underpinned by resonating with the target audience through high-quality content and utilising influencers.

Below is the approach and results from a high-end spa products company that launched in 2014.


Approach taken

  • Launch strategy development
  • Blogger outreach
  • Build online presence through high-quality content
  • Facebook competitions


  • 10+ beauty bloggers wrote rave reviews of the products and site
  • Growth of Facebook and Twitter profiles from scratch
  • Social media accounted for more than 50% of web traffic
  • Tracked sales
Social media for exporter

Banana importer

A global banana importer/exporter, based in Birmingham, grown in Ecuador! This is a fascinating business with many facets requiring ongoing social media support. Goals included building an awareness amongst end users to drive demand and finding stockists across the globe.


Approach taken

  • Optimisation of all platforms and sharing banana-related content
  • LinkedIn lead generation for stockists
  • Support at major exporter/grocery events


  • Opened discussions with dozens of retailers
  • Growth of Facebook and Twitter profiles from scratch
  • Generated web traffic to key pages on site
  • PR generated around events

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