Facebook ads for securing booking

Facebook ads for securing bookings

We’ve managed several campaigns on Facebook to secure our clients bookings at their restaurants, clinics and venues. We adopt a sophisticated approach to Facebook ads management and achieve excellent results. We’re going to share some of these case studies here so you can see how we work and exactly what we can achieve.

Cosmetic surgery clinic in London

Our client had tried several times to use Facebook ads to generate leads, appointments and treatments for their clinic. They had achieved different levels of success at the early stages of the sales process but had very low follow-through rates. They required specialist support in generating valuable new business from customers within a 50-mile radius of London.

The centre, offering non-surgical treatments, required a complex, multi-stage Facebook funnel. This would enable deep analysis of performance at each stage and the ability to shift focus and test different elements of the campaign.


  • Created ads that comply with Facebook’s strict policies on aesthetic treatments.
  • Created ad variants to allow for split testing of images and copy.
  • Drove traffic to a high-performance landing page where contact details are entered to arrange an appointment.
  • Created a duplicate campaign targeting the area outside of the 50-mile radius, set to a lower target CPA to reflect the lower attendance rates when people book from further afield.


Our advanced custom audience targeting included:

  • Facebook users who view over 75% of any treatment explainer video in a campaign.
  • Traffic on specific web pages, including relevant blog posts and specific treatment pages.
  • A lookalike audience of their top customers

Cost per lead:


Average customer spend:


+ further lifetime value

Our work ensured that leads arrived consistently and could be ramped up or turned down as the clinic’s capacity allowed.

National restaurant chain

The group of venues needed to secure a significant number of bookings for after-work diners, weekend customers and reservations in the lead up to Christmas. Traditional marketing and PR efforts were not able to generate enough interest and bookings and so they looked to a well-targeted and compelling Facebook ads campaign.


  • Set up custom conversion tracking via Facebook Pixel to measure online bookings on their website.
  • Created multiple ads for each venue across the country using graphic design, photography, and eye-catching copy.
  • Created ad variants to allow for split testing of copy and images.
    • Drove traffic from these audiences to the booking page for each venue.


    Our advanced custom audience targeting included:

    • People who had booked previously at each location.
    • Lookalike audiences of people who had booked at each location.
    • People who had signed up to their guest wifi at each location.
    • People who had interacted with the brand on social media.

    Total bookings:


    Cost per booking:


    Our work ensured the ads were engaging and on-brand. The campaign ran smoothly and they attracted and converted bookings at a cost-per-result far lower than other marketing efforts.

    Group of water parks

    The activity group required a consistent stream of bookings at each of their three locations, particularly pre-season and during poor-weather periods. In order to achieve this, a multi-level funnel was required, as well as a flexible budget strategy to allow for ad spend to be increased on high-performance days.


    • Reviewed the online booking process and advised on changes to allow for tracking bookings across multiple web domains.
    • Generated high levels of engagement using unpromoted content on their social channels.
    • The nature of the business requires sets of weather-related ads that can be switched on at short notice, referencing events such as heat waves or rainy days.
    • Multiple campaigns tailored to specific audiences, ensuring repeat bookings and new customers.


    Our advanced custom audience targeting included:

    • People who had visited each location in previous years
    • People who had engaged with content on the client’s social channels
    • Lookalike audiences of top customers
    • Website visitors who had not yet converted

    Total bookings:


    Cost per booking:


    Average order value:


    JC Social Media on a team day out as Aqua Park

    Sports therapist

    Our client is a sports therapist working from a gym in Birmingham city centre. He specialises in sports rehabilitation for athletes, typically working with strength and contact sportspeople as well as cross-country and obstacle course runners.


    • Reviewed the entire customer journey to create an automated booking funnel.
    • Developed a high-converting landing page.
    • Tested multiple ads and audiences to reduce the overall cost per booking over time.
    • Trained the client to run the campaigns himself.


    Our advanced custom audience targeting included:

    • Local health-conscious individuals
    • People who have an interest in certain sports and activities
    • Lookalike audiences of customers
    • Specific demographic and likely income bracket

    Cost per booking:

    £6 – £15

    Average lifetime value of client:


    Sports therapy social media case study
    The marketing funnel and Facebook

    We’ll develop a sophisticated Facebook ad funnel, applying our specialist knowledge and experience of running thousands of campaigns:

    • Campaigns targeted to individuals at all stages of the funnel for maximum impact
    • Strategic combination of campaign types to move users along the funnel
    • Analysis of booking success and potential blockers
    • Bespoke graphics and copy to achieve goals from brand awareness, brand engagement and sales and leads

    Facebook ads can be simple to set up and get going. However, making a positive return on investment over the long run can be challenging. JC Social Media have representatives trained by Facebook, itself, in order to service our clients with the most advanced and up to date expertise.

    We relish the opportunity to make every campaign we work on a success so we’d love to hear from you.

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