GBR Phoenix Beard

GBR Phoenix Beard

GBR Phoenix Beard are a commercial property management agent & property consultancy operating nationally across the UK. They wanted to keep social media management in house but required more knowledge across a range of areas in order to implement an effective strategy.


Approach taken

  • Three sessions delivered over three months to the social media management team
  • Covered effective social media management
  • The use of rich media in content creation
  • Industry specific, B2B lead-generation techniques
  • Crisis management tactics


  • Ability to manage social media in-house
  • Better understanding of commercial social media leading to increased reach and engagement of posts
  • Time between sessions to put methods into practice and feed back
  • Social media guidelines for employees created

Thank you to JC Social for the training we have received over the past few months, we have had staggered sessions and it has really helped our overall knowledge of social media and how best to use it. We have also seen a real improvement with our visibility and audience. Hopefully we can continue to grow this going forward. David was most helpful and explained everything in a clear manner which was easy to understand. Thank you!

~ GBR Phoenix Beard

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