Social media management in the healthcare sector

JC Social Media has extensive experience in the healthcare sector. In fact, it is the single largest sector the business works within. Healthcare is a broad and complex sector and, depending on its nature, it can be tricky to market a healthcare business. However, given social media’s broad scope and wide range of tools, there’s often an effective method to achieve your goals.

Below are some of the campaigns and companies we’ve represented with or are currently representing. We also work with healthcare organisations to help with social media governance and stakeholder advice. If you’d like to know more, contact us here.

Cosmetic nurses association

The largest professional association for nurses carrying out cosmetic treatments in the UK, set up for cosmetic nurses, doctors and dentists. The organisation operates under a strict code of conduct in order to ensure patient safety, and wishes to recruit more members to join their team. 


Approach taken

  • Focus on engaging with nurses, doctors and dentists
  • Improving communication with existing members
  • Recruitment of new members
  • Event build-up and follow-up

Two leading surgeons

We have the pleasure of representing not one, but two of the UK’s leading surgeons on social media. In some sectors, the individual delivering the service is just as important as the brand.


Approach taken

  • Offering answers to specific questions via private social media messaging
  • Building trust and portraying expertise
  • Debunking common myths and rumours about the industry
  • Managing enquiries through to consultation booking

Dental practices

JC Social Media manages the social media presence of several dental practices across the UK. Demonstrating a personality and a human side to these businesses helps increase online engagement and enquiries.


Approach taken

  • Focus on engaging with nurses, doctors and dentists
  • Improving communication with existing clients
  • Recruitment of new patients
  • Embedding dental practice in local community

Cosmetic and reconstructive surgery clinic

This clinic is one of the leading practices in the country for a range of procedures.


Approach taken

  • Social media management, AdWords, PR and SEO
  • Recruiting signups for clinic’s open days
  • Generating and facilitating enquiries through to consultation booking
  • Messaging focused on confidence and empowerment

Adaptive children’s clothing

A company that provides specialist childrenswear. Their products are designed for children with certain special needs and we are proud to help them reach the parents of these children to help share their solutions. 

Approach taken

  • Facebook ads to appropriate target audience
  • Collating and publishing of case studies from happy customers
  • Encouraging reviews to assist ecommerce conversions
  • Feedback from customers to inform new products

Local NHS partnership

This local NHS partnership launched in 2012 and aimed to improve the healthcare provided by local GP practices and hospitals across the Midlands.


Approach taken

  • Creating and running the social media accounts
  • Acting as the responsible and authoritative voice of the healthcare sector in Birmingham
  • Engaging in research projects, using social media to gather responses
  • Research used to inform policy and healthcare practices

Workplace wellness solutions

We have experience working with both agency-based training in workplace wellbeing and an app-based solution. With very different approaches and business models, JC Social Media adapted the marketing strategies as necessary to deliver the goals required.


Approach taken

  • Lead-generation to corporate entities to become enterprise clients of the wellbeing app
  • Using social media to ensure takeup of initiative by internal staff
  • Content around health, wellbeing and everyday wellness
  • Launch of app into consumer market

Alzheimer’s treatment

Representing a CE-cleared and commercially available brain stimulation technique for the treatment of mild to moderate Alzheimer’s Disease

Social media management and Google AdWords lead-generation assisted in filling their clinics, based in the UK, Germany and Austria.


Approach taken

  • Developed landing pages and funnel to collect data and lead
  • Produced content suitable for a topic of sensitive nature
  • Comprehensive customer support for social media networks
  • Full social media support to the USA-based team
Social media for heart health charity

Healthcare charities

Many charities have a healthcare focus and we have represented several in recent years, usually on campaign-based projects. The typical goal of these campaigns is to raise awareness about a particular health issue and sometimes to generate interest from potential donors.


Approach taken

  • Creation of content to generate awareness
  • Securing volunteers and fundraisers through social media outreach
  • Supporting of existing fundraising efforts
  • Growing audience of fans and followers to spread awareness wider

Social media marketing for healthcare

Social media should not be ignored by any business whose audience, whether that’s a consumer audience or a commercial audience, is active on social media. Platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn are incredibly powerful and can be the perfect way to reach new audiences with the right strategy in place.

Whether you’re in the tech space, have a consumer healthcare product, are a healthcare organisation or are operating in a business-to-business capacity, social media marketing should play a role in your growth strategy. Social campaigns can integrate with your direct mail, e-newsletters and SEO marketing and work to elevate brand awareness, web traffic and leads as required.

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