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From landing pages and website audits to website and app design and development, we provide our clients with systems and software that helps their brand grow. We design products and pages that perfectly match their brand, that are easy to use, load quickly and build trust with visitors to win their confidence and custom.

Here are some examples of our work, including the results it has achieved for our clients.

Local chocolate company

Our client, a handmade chocolate company based in Birmingham, was looking for a fresh start when it came to their digital presence. The company’s goals were to increase traffic, sales and rank higher for relevant terms on search engines. We did what we said we would do, when we said we would do it, and we were able to achieve great results for their presence and subsequent sales.

  • Our team fully redesigned and re-built our client’s website, with focus given to the user journey and how someone is most likely to make a purchase.
  • We streamlined the e-commerce aspect of the site, making the sales process faster and easier for customers to follow, leading to a marked increase in sales.
  • We developed the site with a focus on search engine optimisation, resulting in the brand ranking number one or two for the most commercial terms within their industry.
  • Increase in website sales:


    Online pharmacy specialising in diabetes

    The UK-based online pharmacy were in need of a website where signing up to their system was as simple as possible. They wanted high functionality without it greatly effecting the performance or design of the site. With this in mind, we took a multi-department approach by working closely with our graphics team to ensure the site look great while performing like a modern site should.


    • Fully redesigned and rebuilt their website with a focus on generating lead.
    • Developed the functionality of the site to be simple to use and easy to manage.
    • Implementation of tracking systems to aid in the monitoring of conversions and overall traffic.
    • Average monthly traffic:

      3,400 users

      Average monthly conversions:


      Website management for Birmingham-based solicitors

      The solicitors required ongoing support on the website in order to rank higher in their local area on search engines as well as finding ways to improve the design and functionality of their site. In order to achieve this, we put in place a 6-month strategy to increase traffic and SEO performance.


      • Provided a full website audit to find ways to increase page load speeds and remove bugs.
      • Streamlined the user journey to make the process of getting in touch as simple as possible.
      • Developing the site with a focus on SEO in which we were able to rank on the first page for all their key services.
      • Average monthly traffic:

        1,800 users

        Average monthly enquiries:


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