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Social media training

We’ve had the pleasure of working with thousands of people to give them the skills and confidence to use social media more effectively for themselves or within their organisation. Maybe you or someone in your team is in charge of marketing your brand on social media or responsible for managing your online community on key networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn. Upskilling in these areas has become a fundamental element of many organisations’ evolution.

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Smaller businesses

Smaller businesses or departments within a larger organisation have different training requirements. These sessions are usually delivered 1-2-1 or to a small group and are highly tailored to the specific needs of the individual or businesses.

We’ve worked with hundreds of small businesses, helping them make more from the key social networks they use. These businesses are both B2C and B2B, as well as third-sector organisations.


  • Foundation in social media
  • Facebook ads
  • LinkedIn lead-generation
  • Content strategy planning
  • Understanding analytics
    • Profile optimisation



    • Up to date and active social media profiles
    • Significant increase in likes, followers and engagement
    • Social media influencer attraction
    • Progress towards a range of internal and marketing goals

    Total businesses trained since 2011:


    Average rating on Google:


    “Fantastic team who have listened to our ideas and interpreted them in a way that is having great results. Very good at communicating with us and great to throw ideas around with. Do yourself, your business and your customers a favour and get in touch with them!”

    Large organisation training

    Large organisations with thousands of employees or stakeholders have complex social media demands. They likely include marketing, reputation management, HR and other forms of compliance and best practise. It can be challenging to ensure everyone is following the same processes and guidelines.

    Courses are often delivered in a series to multiple groups and in multiple locations. We’ve delivered programmes of training to some well-known brands and organisations.


    • Organisation with many representatives like Avon
    • Large businesses with 1000s of employees like Lloyds Banking Group
    • Universities with hundreds of social media profiles
    • Brands in the public eye like Nandos


    Key areas:

    • Governance and brand or organisation guidelines
    • LinkedIn training
    • Use of employee professional personal social media accounts
    • Crisis communications and management
    • Event coverage training
    • Customer service processes

    Training sessions for Avon:


    Total representatives trained:


    Training for other marketers or agencies

    Our knowledge is highly specific. This means we’re able to help other marketers improve their social media understanding and offering to clients. This could simply be to provide broader or more effective services or event to be able to offer training and guidance to their clients.

    This training is mainly for marketing and PR agencies around UK, USA and Australia.


    What we do

    • Bespoke session designed around your needs
    • Understand your client’s needs in order to help you fulfill them
    • Ensure there are no gaps in your knowledge
    • We can work long term in a programme of upskilling
    • Support with day to day management as well as event coverage
    • Provide top-up refresher training to highlight new social media products and features

    Without exception, the best training course I have ever attended. David was infectiously enthusiastic and incredibly knowledgeable. The course has opened our minds to what can be achieved via social media campaigns. Cannot recommend highly enough.

    ~ Trish, Bamboo Marketing

    Agencies trained:


    Revenue facilitated:


    A team of marketers in a relaxed office receiving some private social media training

    Conference talks and drop-ins

    Conferences and presentations are a perfect way to bring a large number of delegates up to speed on social media. We’ve delivered talks and workshops to delegates around the globe as part of company initiatives, sector-specifc trade shows and digital conferences.

    Audiences have included employees at hospitality groups like the Jumeirah Group, University staff, college students, and event delegates such as those at the National Franchise Exhibition.

    • Work with you to establish key learning outcomes from the presentation
    • Identify the likely knowledge and experience base of the typical delegate
    • Run Q&A and drop-in sessions for attnedees to gain personalised help
    • Tailored content for your specific event



    • Demonstrates your awareness of the importance of social media
    • Delegates are informed and upskilled
    • Value added to your event or conference
    • Opportunities for delegates to extend their relationship with JC Social Media

    Conferences and events:


    Individuals inspired by them:


    Social media trainer David in action
    CPD certified social media training

    We’re passionate about transferring our knowledge of social media to all the people we work with. The above examples represent a small proportion of the work we can deliver so please don’t hestitate to enquire with us and find out more.

    • Learn exactly what you need from our experienced Facebook-accredited training team
    • Work at your own pace in a cooperative environment
    • Achieve a better understanding of technical functions or gain a more comprehensive overview
    • Collect CPD points on selected courses

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