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Many marketing agencies and professionals use social media on behalf of their clients. With social media platforms and the way people interact with brands ever evolving, it’s tough to keep up. That’s where our specialist skills and experience can help other marketers.

We’ve worked with PR agencies, traditional marketers and marketing consultants to do the following. 

Video creation agency
Birmingham-based video production creative agency. Full day session looking at how best to provide aftercare to clients to ensure videos produced have maximum impact online.
PR agency

Hertfordshire-based PR agency focussed on the glass and glazing industry. Full day session looking at social media fundamentals, paid ad campaigns and strategy planning

Health sector specialists
Australian marketing agency specialising in the health sector. Multiple sessions focussed on developing, managing and reviewing multi-level Facebook ad campaigns of varying budgets.
Design agency

Warwickshire-based creative concept agency. Full day session with entire company looking at social media fundamentals and how to collectively raise brand awareness.

Student marketing specialists

Leeds-based agency specialising in marketing to students. Full day session with whole company looking at social media fundamentals, monitoring analytics and generating new leads for the agency.

Communication agency

Helping a Birmingham-based communications agency amplify their results. Half day session looking at social media fundamentals and campaign planning.

Business support provider
National provider of a wide range of business support and training. We supply various services enabling our partners to deliver cutting-edge digital marketing material.
Personal brand agency

London-based personal brand PR agency. Ongoing support and guidance to develop and implement social media campaigns that compliment wider PR exercises for clients

Automotive marketing agency

Worcester-based automotive marketing agency. Half day session on developing paid ad campaigns and understanding, as well as establishing and managing, a new presence on Instagram.

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