Utilities companies

Utilities companies

Utilities companies have multiple uses for social media platforms and it’s important they have a content strategy and community management process in place. Far from being an arena to shy away from, social media provides great scope to find new customers and generate leads for commercial clients. We’ve had the pleasure of dealing with several utilities companies in different capacities and here are some examples.

These companies tend to have a large customer base and due to the nature of their service, social media plays a vital role as a customer service function.

National energy provider

Gas and electric are essential for households but can be a pain to sort out. Our client required assistance in sharing their low prices and exceptional service to win new customers and keep in touch with existing ones.

Naturally, a large part of our work was online reputation management and communicating with customers who needed support.


Approach taken

  • Remarketing to website visitors via social media
  • Supporting canvassing events and pop up stands over Twitter
  • Acting as a customer service function and ensuring complaints are handled swiftly
  • Directing prospects to the website to sign up


  • Increase in website traffic
  • Increase in enquiries
  • Streamlined customer service process
  • Increase in success and footfall of offline events
Social media for a telecomms company

Phone answering service

This is a telecomms company providing an answering service to businesses. They streamline business processes and ensure high quality staff speak on the phone and direct calls to the right people within the client’s company.

Our mandate was to build the company’s online reputation from scratch and open discussions with potential business customers.


Approach taken

  • Content strategy for Facebook and Twitter
  • LinkedIn lead-generation
  • Educating audience about the company and how it helps businesses
  • Directing prospects to the website


  • Built unified, professional social profiles
  • Generated web traffic and enquiries though social activity
  • Handed over lists of warmed up targets each month
Social media for utilities franchise company

National utility provider

Utility Warehouse is a modern, forward-thinking utilities company with representatives throughout the UK. The company provide all household utilities including electricity, gas, internet, home phone and mobile as well as other benefits like a cash back card.

UW distributors are looking for as many ways as possible to engage with new customers, provide consultations and sign up to the provider. Team JC has worked with several UW distributors to help them utilise social media effectively.


Approach taken

  • Short, two to four hour training sessions
  • Profile optimisation for the perfect first impression
  • Using Twitter and Facebook to market your business
  • LinkedIn lead-generation techniques


  • Vastly upskilled distributors
  • Reduced inefficiencies in social media marketing activity
  • Increased number of leads generated over social media each month
  • Service recommended to other representatives

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