Social media has become a fundamental element of PR. Even the most traditional of PR agencies are adopting a broad range of social media tactics to gain press coverage and exposure online.

JC Social Media’s expertise in leveraging social media for PR and utilising our strong local press networks means we’ve become one of the go-to PR agencies in Birmingham.


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Essentially, social media PR is using digital platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook to contact journalists, publications, and share coverage achieved to amply its impact. The instant and viral nature of social media means stories that capture the imagination can generate huge reach and rapidly elevate your brand’s profile.

Social media has a number of benefits when it comes to an impressive, integrated PR strategy – let’s look at why it’s so important today.

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There is a huge cross-over in terms of social media and PR for the modern brand. Social media is a tool for both securing press coverage and dramatically amplifying it. Here are just some of the ways we leverage social media for PR means:


1. Finding journalists and influencers

Twitter and LinkedIn search tools enable us to find the journalists, reporters, and influencers that you need to engage with. A few tricks of the trade help us build relationships with these individuals, on your behalf, and make sure they know who you are.


2. Convey your brand’s personality

Social media provides a snapshot of exactly who you are and what you do. Your content demonstrates your knowledge and passion for your field as well as some character and personality. You’re instantly more likable to a journalist or potential customer than a corporate email address or website.

Social media is the perfect way to portray yourself as an industry expert and get your brand’s personality across.


3. Press releases and blogs

Social media is the perfect medium to both share and follow up your press releases. All self-respecting journalists are on Twitter and use it constantly to keep up with news and developments in their sector and local area. Sending a tweet is both less intrusive and more instant than having to construct follow-up email after email. Remember you can simply link the press release you have written as a PDF or webpage in the tweet, itself!This is how to speak the language of the modern-day journalist by making everything fast and convenient.

This is how to speak the language of the modern-day journalist by making everything fast and convenient.

Social media and PR agency in Birmingham

4. Immediate coverage and reaction

Nothing helps spread the word like a well-shared or even viral social media post. The perfect combination of an image and well-worded text can create shareable content that can be seen by thousands of people in an instant.

All this means social media has the power to rapidly amplify a story. Brand reach, awareness and even web traffic can be spiked dramitically with the right approach.


5. #journorequests and other hashtags

Another advantage of social media for PR are the features of social media platforms, themselves. Hashtags are a great way to categorise your content, making you easy to find if you’ve got something interesting to share. This is great for spreading something newsworthy or publicising events locally and nationally.

Event hashtagging is another crucial element of social media PR. You’ve got a great event coming up and you’ve poured time and resources into it. Now’s the time to get people there and sharing their experiences. We’ll help you compound all your publicity efforts and gives attendees the chance to shout about you too.


6. Excellent value

Businesses like yours have gained widespread exposure purely through the clever use of all of the above benefits of social media-driven PR. Startups and established businesses, alike, benefitted from the savvy use of digital marketing to maximise exposure without overpaying.


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7. Trackable ROI

Through the use analytics data and trackable links, it’s far easier to track the ROI of digital marketing than it ids of traditional public relations activity. We can show you exactly how many people are seeing your social content, clicking on your links, reading your webpages and buying your product or service.

We fully report on our successes each month so you exactly what’s being done and is being acheived by our team.

8. Share your stories

Got some great coverage in the local paper or online? Is it adding some real gravitas to you company and what’s it’s doing? Social media is the perfect way to share this success and reach a wider audience. Not only this, but you’re demonstrating to the publications you’re in that you’re going to do some of the work in spreading the story and generate more publicity for them!

Ask your industry influencers what they think, maybe they’ll share it too.

9. Increased brand recognition

Remember the old rule of needing to see a brand name or logo seven times before you registered it as a brand you could trust and buy from? Well, recent studies put this figure well into the 20s and even 30s because of the sheer volume of information and marketing us humans are subjected to! Remember that a strong online presence within your sector will help the individuals most important to you associate positively with your brand and be more likely to read anything they come across with your name in it.

Socal media PR in Birmingham

Having the knowledge and skills required to manage social media effectively are part of the job. However, having the right press contacts and relationships is also key to securing great coverage.

Strong relationships and strategic partnerships have been developed over several years of active engagement in the local community. Knowing how the Birmingham press operates is paramount to achieving that all important coverage to help your business expand its networks and generate interest.