Book cover design


The adage goes that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. However, a book cover plays a huge role in how it is perceived and its sales success. Our team has worked on many book covers, both fiction and non-fiction, and we understand the power of compelling cover artwork.

Our design team will get you up and running with something you love that represents your words perfectly.


Hundreds of hours go into producing a book. Planning, research, writing and editing require time, thought and sometimes investment. But in the end, it’s how that book is marketed and perceived that influences someone’s initial impression. The cover of a book certainly has the power to help convince or put off a purchase.

We have two options available. One for text-based or “typographic” covers (priced at £385) and one for covers that require other visual elements such as illustration, graphic design or imagery (£495).

The five 50 Great Ideas book covers

Once you’ve engaged our services, here’s how the book design process works:

  • Send us info about the book – niche, target audience, market approach
  • Send us examples of books/styles you like
  • We’ll put together three initial design ideas to work from
  • You choose the one you like most along with other feedback and changes
  • Finalise specific information about the book including the spec and dimensions
  • You’ll then receive 2 more rounds of amends to the chosen cover


We’ll ensure that your cover conforms to all print and electronic formats you require. Any additional material for promotion or social media use will chargeable by the hour, but we’ll quote for this beforehand.

Additional information


Text-led front and back cover design – £385


Illustrated or more design-led front and back cover design – £495