Live event social media support


Amplify your event coverage with our on-site expert social media management. One of our experienced team members will attend your event to take photos, live post and engage with attendees to make the most of the day. Sit back and relax, knowing it’s all taken care of!


Hosting or attending an event or conference can be a significant investment for your business. They are often complex to organise and promote so it’s important to get the most out of them. Don’t let your social media coverage be an afterthought!

On the day of the event, there will likely be hundreds of opportunities to increase your reach and engage with attendees. However, without a dedicated social media professional representing your brand, it can feel like there is too much going on to focus on social media.

We’ve supported clients across the globe with events ranging from highly-technical, corporate affairs to mass-market fairs and shows. It has proven to be a wise investment for these brands, who thanks to our on-site social media specialists have been able to focus on their own roles at the event and have achieved excellent reach and engagement figures.


Here’s what we’ll provide on the day of the event:


An experienced social media manager who will liaise with you

Posting of key features of the timetable and any last-minute changes

Live posting on behalf of your brand, including the event hashtag

Taking relevant photographs throughout the day, of the venue, people and goings-on

Retweeting attendees’ posts and other engagements


If you’d like to go-ahead, simply purchase your event support now, one unit for each day required, or contact us here to provide more details. Please note travel expenses also payable at cost.



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