Grow your influence


Whether you regard yourself as an ‘influencer’ or you simply need a strong online presence, this course is specifically designed to put the steps in place to grow your personal brand.

We can deliver sessions at our premises in Birmingham city centre, your office, or via an online video call.


More and more individuals are attempting to grow a personal brand on social media. Large and engaged audiences can be leveraged to promote brands and products and, therefore, are increasingly valuable.

Whether this influence helps support your own business or you’re looking for brands to compensate you for promoting them, increasing your influence has direct financial benefits. This half-day training will focus on you and your personal brand and exactly which tactics you can use to stand out.

Instagram is likely to play a key role in your online presence but YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and a personal blog might also be important to you and your audience. We’ll analyse exactly where your emphasis should be and which tactics you should employ to increase your reach, build your fan base and better influence your audience.


Our half-day influencer training course includes:

Identifying and locating your existing and potential audience

Building a strategy to reach your goals

Creating awesome content to maximise growth

Supporting activities and platforms

Paid advertising to maximise reach and engagement

Identifying and engaging brand partners


We deliver training at our offices in Birmingham, at your premises or via a Zoom video call. If we travel to you, our travel expenses will be payable at cost.


Note – as soon as you have purchased the course you will receive a link to a calendar of available dates where you can choose one to suit you!


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