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Your social media profiles are key to your online brand, so ensuring they look as professional as possible will ensure you give exactly the right impression! Get your logos and banner designs looking awesome with this graphics package, whereby our graphic design team will produce fully optimised images for up to four of your social profiles. Find out more below.


Your brand’s social media profiles act as micro-sites of information for your audience. Increasingly, customers visit your social platforms before making a purchase and that’s why it’s important to have social profiles that portray your brand effectively, reflecting your brand’s tone and ethos.

Each social network has different ways of displaying your logo and banner designs, so simply re-sizing your images doesn’t help cater for the different audiences and usage of each network. That’s why having experienced social media graphic designers is a superior option.


Our profile graphics package typically includes:

The profile and banner images for up to 4 social platforms (we suggest Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn company page and YouTube)

Unlimited revisions (within reason!)

Logo design or redesign if required

Provision of brand guidelines and colour guide, if required


If you think your brand would also benefit from visual content creation, check out our brand content package, which delivers a portfolio of content to take your content game to the next level.



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