Social media audits are incredibly important for all businesses exploring digital marketing to build their brand and business. There is an ever increasing emphasis on social media and, in general, more and more valuable company resources are being invested in the management of these new channels. If you’re committing efforts towards social media, it makes sense to have an understanding of its effect and what you’re getting out of it.


Social media audit Birmingham

If you are currently active on social media, without external independent analysis of the activity, it is difficult to know how effective the social media management is being. Social media is not this ‘black box’ science and ‘just for brand awareness’; there are a number of tangible outcomes your business can achieve. There is a broad range of tools available to analyse your current impact, your competitors’ impact and your potential impact over social media. We can provide evidence and data to inform you how well your social media presence is being managed and how much influence you really have over your community, all through a social media audit.

social media audit Birmingham

The effectiveness of in-house social media management varies wildly, as does the return from a non-specialist digital marketing agency. The social media responsibilities are often handed down to a junior member of the marketing team or done by traditional marketers who use social media, not as a conversational tool, but simply another platform to distribute self-promotional, unengaging, messages.

But, seriously, do I really need a social media audit? What’s the worst that can be happening?

  • Unprofessional/visibly amateur social media profiles and presence

  • Wasting a lot of money and resources

  • Poor portrayal of your company, its products, services and values

  • Sub-optimal community management

  • Losing the zero moment of truth battle to your competitors

  • Simply, not achieving your potential on the most engaging and influential marketing platforms we have ever known!


JC Social Media have delivered social media audits to a wide range of companies in Birmingham. Audits consist of a detailed analysis of all current activity, the result of this activity, your competitors(!), the scope of effective social media and the options for going forward. Remember that social media audits must be carried out by a specialist social media consultant as opposed to generalised digital marketers. The results of the audit will be vital in determining the current and potential return on investment of social media activity and how they could be realised.


To enquire about receiving a full social media audit in Birmingham, simply contact us today.



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