Content creation training

Social media content training for business

Content plays a pivotal role on all the social networks. With the right knowledge and skills, it’s possible to design and create eye-catching and compelling content to share across you channels.

Our training will provide you with the confidence and ability to do just this and portray your brand exactly as you wish. Enquire today to find out more.

Content creation training course

Content creation is at the heart of a business’s social media strategy. Social content including graphics, video, and written articles form the cornerstone of your online presence. 

We can deliver your session in a 1-2-1 session or to a small group of delegates. This customisable approach provides you with flexibility and the most effective learning outcomes.

Really informative, these guys have their finger on the pulse... great training session adapted to my needs. I can now see how critical it is to ensure that I understand the full potential of social media. I would not hesitate to use JC Social Media in the future.
Artist commissioner
Absolutely fantastic. David came to us to give a 4-hour training session on how we can make our Facebook ads more effective and productive.  We were absolutely delighted with the training.  We cannot recommend him (and JC Social media) enough.  Well worth the investment.
Director, fitness brand
I can't recommend this training enough. It was a shock to learn how little we actually knew about how we can make social media work hard for us. The course itself was excellently delivered, engaging and content-rich.
Director, marketing company

Meet your trainer

David is the head of JC Social Media’s training department and one of the UK’s leading authorities on social media. He is incredibly knowledgable about social media best practice and his work ensures our clients get the most from their efforts.

Once your session is booked, David will plan the session to suit your needs. He’s worked with hundreds of professionals from all types of businesses and will ensure your training is enjoyable and effective.

Your training options

Half-day course

Here are the kinds of topics we’ll cover:

Content marketing and social media theory

Content strategy development

Eye-catching static images and graphics

Video and GIF use and production

Written content such as articles or blogs + top tips

Platform specifics and tool and resource signposting

Full-day course

With some more time, we’ll cover:

Everything from the half-day course

In-depth appraisal of your existing content

Detailed platform-specific content strategies and tactics

Paid ads and promotion set up and optimisation

How content applies to key social networks such as Facebook and Instagram

The needs of every business are different, which means our training sessions will be tailored to you. Be confident that your specific requirements will be catered for by our team of experts who have extensive experience with a vast range of businesses.

Contact us today outlining the support you’re looking for and one of our friendly team will call you back to get your session booked.

Office-based or remote training

Depending on your circumstances, you may prefer face-to-face or remote training. We’ll discuss which option works best for you but we have plenty of experience with both.

Since 2020, the vast majority of our training has been done over Zoom or similar video calling software. This has proven very effective and easy to arrange, especially when multiple members of your team will be participating in the training.

If you require an in-person session, we’ll work out all the logistics and we’ll be able to join you at your offices or a suitable location nearby.


Below are some of the topic areas we often cover in our content creation training sessions:

Social content strategy

It’s important to understand exactly the role that digital content is playing for your business. Knowing which content to develop for each platform is key to making maximum impact in the most cost-effective way.

Photographs and graphics

We’ll look at how static images work on social media and weigh up using stock imagery, holding a photoshoot or instructing a graphic designer to develop bespoke work such as infographics for your brand.

Videos, GIFs, Facebook live and IGTV

Videos, long and short, are incredibly effective on social media. New tools allowing users to live stream video directly to social platforms demonstrate that trend. We’ll show you how to best leverage this type of content.

Written articles

Long-form content such as articles and blogs are still a popular way to build brand awareness and show your expertise. These posts are perfect for sharing but they must appeal to the average user. We have some great tips for writing great pieces.

Being efficient and effective

Creating content is time-consuming and potentially costly. Making sure you create the right content for social media and use it effectively will drastically improve your ROI.

Answering your questions

We’ll make sure all of your questions about social media marketing are answered so you’re confident in your decisions and actions moving forward.

Looking for training in other areas? Check these out:

Whether you’re looking to build a brand from scratch, reach new audiences or scale your B2B or B2C business, we’ll get you on track.

Without exception, the best training course I have ever attended. David was infectiously enthusiastic and incredibly knowledgeable. The course has opened our minds to what can be achieved via social media campaigns. Cannot recommend highly enough.
A first stop for social media training from a company who actually works in the industry and provides great hands-on practical advice.
Director, PR company
As a small business, we found this session with David of JC Social Media one of the best investments we have made. David's personality, coupled with his deep knowledge of the subject (and practical ways of how to apply it) made for a superb day.
Owner, premium gifts company

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