Content Creation for Social Media

Learn how to create eye-catching content for your social media channels and grow your brand. Find out more about our content creation training below and enquire to book a session.


Content creation is at the heart of a business’ social media strategy. Social content including graphics, video and written articles are the cornerstone of your online presence. Read more about how we can help improve your digital content.

Half day course

  • Content marketing and social media theory
  • Content strategy development
  • Eye-catching static images and graphics
  • Video and GIF use and production
  • Written content such as articles or blogs + top tips
  • Platform specifics and tool and resource signposting

Make it a full day course

  • Everything from the half-day course
  • Detailed platform-specific content strategies and tactics
  • Paid ads and promotion set up and optimisation
  • General training in key social networks such as Facebook and Instagram

Content creation can be a time-consuming and costly endeavour. Make sure you’re creating the right content for social media with our help. We’ll work with you to develop a strategy and the skills you need to build your brand and improve the efficiency of your work.


Digital content is the foundation of a successful online presence. Virtually every social network relies on a strong content game and the better the content, the further your brand will go. 

Whether you’re new to creating content or you know the basics already, our training is a great place to start.

Tell us your requirements and we’ll craft the perfect training session for you. We typically run half or full-day sessions depending on your current skill level and how much we need to cover. Our head of training services, David, is a content marketing expert and knows exactly how to maximise its impact on social media.

Your social media trainer

David is JC Social Media’s head of training services and one of the UK’s leading authorities on social media. He is incredibly passionate about social media best practices and helping others get the most out of their efforts. David will liaise with you to ascertain exactly which social media marketing skills you need and create a bespoke training session.

David researches your company, its sector, competitors and target audience to ensure everything you learn will have maximum benefit to your business. Whether you’re looking to launch a new brand, build your online reputation or explore new lead-generation avenues, David is the man to help.

A selection of our training clients:

JC Social Media is proud to have worked with some of Europe’s largest brands, giving them better understanding and control of social media.

One-off sessions, ongoing coaching as well as large group presentations are all catered for by our specialist training department.

We are experts in helping businesses achieve their social media marketing goals. Content remains king for brands large and small on all the major social networks.

All of our training is tailored to your needs. We work from our tried and tested programmes that have benefitted hundreds of businesses in virtually every sector. Find out more about specific areas of social media training or simply make an enquiry here.

More platform-specific training options:

Training locations

We train businesses across the UK and the globe, operating regularly in the areas below:

Training in Birmingham
Training in London
Training in Leeds
Training in Manchester

More about digital content training for business:

After understanding where you’re at and what you need, we’ll compile the modules we’ll cover in your session. We provide bespoke, one-to-one and small group training nationwide so we’ll adapt to what you require.


  • Social content strategy
  • It’s important that we understand exactly the role that digital content is playing for your business. Knowing which content to develop for each platform is key to making maximum impact in the most cost-effective way.


  • Photographs and graphics
  • We’ll look at how static images work on social media and weigh up using stock imagery, holding a photoshoot or instructing a graphic designer to develop bespoke work such as infographics for your brand.


  • Videos, GIFs, Facebook live and IGTV
  • Videos, long and short, are incredibly popular on social media. New tools allowing users to live stream video direct to social platforms demonstrate that trend. We’ll show you how to best leverage this type of content.


  • Written articles
  • Long-form content such as articles and blogs are still a popular way to build brand awareness and show your expertise. These posts are perfect for sharing but they must appeal to the average user. We have some great tips for writing great pieces.


  • Being efficient and effective

Creating content is time-consuming and potentially costly. Making sure you create the right content for social media and use it effectively will drastically improve your ROI.


80% of our social media training clients say they were spending too much time on social media and were fed up with not seeing any return.

Gaining the expertise to make social media work for you will save you time and resources and you’ll actually start generating valuable sales and leads!

  • Which social tactics are the most effective?
  • How do I best engage my audience?
  • How do I measure the return on my social media marketing?
  • Which are the best social management tools?
  • How do I find my target audience within social media?

Expert content creation training

I can’t recommend this training enough. It was a shock to learn how little we actually knew about how we can make social media work hard for us. The course itself was excellently delivered, engaging and content-rich.

~ Anna, Bamboo Marketing


Absolutely fantastic. David came to us to give a 4-hour training session on how we can make our Facebook ads more effective and productive.  We were absolutely delighted with the training.  We cannot recommend him (and JC Social media) enough.  Well worth the investment.

~ Kirk, Mini Athletics


A first stop for social media training from a company who actually works in the industry and provides great hands-on practical advice.

Jane Bolas, JBPR