Not sure where to start with Twitter?  You’re not alone. Twitter is a simple but fast-paced social network and most businesses still aren’t making the most of it. A Twitter training session could be all that’s between digital marketing obscurity and obliterating your competition!

Here’s the thing your competitors don’t know yet:

Twitter is not just there to share content. Facebook is STILL the most popular platform amongst marketers; not because it’s the best, but simply because marketers are more confident with its functionality. The truth is that in terms of growing your brand’s presence amongst new audiences and generating leads, Twitter could be the superior platform.

Twitter training: unleash the power!

Twitter is perhaps the most valuable tool in your online marketing arsenal when it comes to being proactive and highly targeted. Search functions allow you to identify members of your target audience when they are in the market for your product or service by using conversation drivers. Twitter is the only platform where a business can actively go out and start building relationships with people in order to generate sales and leads. This makes Twitter a sales tool as well as a marketing tool.

Twitter, however, is a minefield of distraction. It is common place to spend hours each week on ineffective activity and ultimately generate no solid return on that time and other resources. You need efficiency and, above all, effectiveness. This might be where a social media agency like us comes in.


Twitter Training: how is it delivered?

Twitter trainingOur Twitter training is delivered bespoke and on a one-to-one or small group basis within your business. Each business has its own set of marketing goals and target audience meaning the strategies we cover in your session will be unique. JC Social Media delivers modular training sessions, picking and choosing the most appropriate and effective training modules for you and your delegates.

Before your session we will ensure you are comfortable with the basic functionality of the platform, thus enabling us to deliver the important material face to face. We also research your company and certain elements of Twitter to make sure we’ll be covering optimum content on the day.

In general, we will look at profile optimisation before covering content creation and search and interaction strategies, including your specific conversation drivers. We always bring up search results in real time so you can start interacting with accounts and gain hands-on experience.

A half day a usually perfect for Twitter training sessions. This permits sufficient time to cover key topics, get on to the important advanced techniques and answer all your Twitter questions. An example session at a glimpse:


  • Profile optimisation
  • First impressions count!

  • Tone of voice
  • How your account ‘sounds’, and remaining consistent

  • Content creation and strategy
  • How and what to tweet as well as when and how often

  • Interaction strategy
  • How to find your target audience, build rapport and influence their decisions

  • Measuring

How to assess your performance and record your return on investment (check out our social media ROI iceberg!)

Find out more about how our expert Twitter training can help your business

We will work with you to structure the best possible session for you and your team. Where necessary, we provide guidance on legal, security and privacy issues as well as creating Twitter guidelines and best practice for your company.We’ve

Of course, if you think Twitter is just one of the elements of social media you and your team need to brush up on, check out our main social media training page. And remember, we’ve travelled the length and breadth of the UK to deliver bespoke social media training so a location that suits you, suits us! We also have a purpose built training pod to deliver sessions to small groups at our company HQ in Birmingham.

If you think you and your team would benefit more from a series of sessions, read on…


Twitter courses, social media training

Twitter courses

Depending on you or your team’s schedule, needs and abilities, a series of Twitter training sessions over time might be preferable. Twitter courses can be digitally led, done in face-to-face sessions or be a combination of both, including email series, Skype sessions and office visits. This offers maximum flexibility for your business and helps you absorb information, adopt new skills and make improvements to your Twitter activity in your own time.

Sometimes, having sessions spread over a six-week period, for example, means you gain a thorough understanding of all the elements of Twitter, can be practicing skills in the time between sessions and save questions for the next one. The important elements of Twitter such as profile optimisation, content strategy, and creation, interaction strategy and delivery, the impact of Twitter on SEO and how to measure your ROI can all be covered in their own right.


If you’d like to enquire further about Twitter training for you or your business, please visit our contact page.


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