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We understand the importance of having a compelling and high-converting site. Make the most of your online presence with a website designed and personalised to fit your business needs.

JC Social Media offer a range of expert web design services to ensure your user experience is easy and exciting whilst positively promoting your brand.

Whether you need a full website, a new landing page or an improved user experience, we’re devoted to making your goals a reality. We work with you from step one to create a bespoke website perfectly optimised to achieve your goals.


It is our mission to put your customer at the heart of every decision we make in all our web design projects. We want to ensure that your website serves your customers effectively and entices them to engage with your brand.


Here’s a small sample of the sites we’ve designed recently:

Web development - homepage redesign
Landing page development for fitness company

Services we offer:

Web design
We’ll create a bespoke website that is easy to use, delivers the right information, loads quickly and builds trust with your visitors to win their confidence. Contact us to see examples.
Landing page optimisation
We can build new landing pages to meet your precise needs. Whether you want a user to get in touch, purchase a product or register for a webinar, we’ll carefully construct the landing page to match.
Website audit
Looking to improve the experience of your website but don’t know where to start? We can work closely with you to outline areas for development as well as highlight what’s already going well.
Web management
The design of a website is one thing but what about maintaining it after the launch date? We have the skills in technical SEO, web management and analytics reporting to ensure everything runs smoothly.
Ecommerce sites
Ecommerce websites allow a customer to buy directly from your business. It’s important that your website fits the bill and effectively sells your product and manages all the data with no hassle.
App development
The complexities of web design and development don’t stop at a dynamic website. Depending on your goals, we can build branded applications that add a new dimension to your business.

The latest in web design technology

We will implement the very latest web design & development technologies to give your business and your customers the most up-to-date website experience.

Our Birmingham-based development team is constantly innovating and has a real passion for solving problems and creating the very best web design products in the industry.

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It is a pleasure to review JC Social Media! I have had poor experiences in the past with web and media developers. Many promise the earth when you start but fall short on delivery. My experience with JC Social Media has been both warm and co-operative. A rare thing today. They deserve success.

~ Alan Brown, Database Design UK Ltd


I worked with Jacob from JC Social Media to develop a landing page for a new product I was launching. He was thorough in his work, making sure I was happy at all times. His responses to my questions were quick and detailed which enabled us to develop the landing page I was after. I would highly recommend JC Social Media.

~ Jake Allen, JPT Fitness